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Cross-Sell Products

Display synced Cross-Sell Products on your Shopify product page.

Cross-Sell Products are a great way to increase revenue and average order value. Use the following Liquid code snippet on your Shopify themeโ€™s product template to display Cross-Sell Products synced via Partbot.

{% assign variant = product.selected_or_first_available_variant %}
{%- if variant.metafields.partbot.cross_sell_products -%}
    {%- assign cross_sell_products = variant.metafields.partbot.cross_sell_products.value -%}
    {% comment %} add styles to the outer container div, e.g. you may want to apply flexbox or grid css to display cross sell products in a grid layout {% endcomment %}
    <div class="partbot-cross-sell-products-container">
    {% for item in cross_sell_products.products %}
        {%- assign csp = all_products[item.shopify_product.handle] -%}
        {% comment %} add styles to this product container div, e.g. you may want to apply css to display each cross sell product in a card-style layout with rounded corners and a shadow. You can also use Shopify liquid tags to modify the image size. {% endcomment %}
        <div class="partbot-cross-sell-product">
            <a href={{csp.url}}>
                <img src="{{csp.featured_image | img_url: '200x200' }}" alt="{{csp.featured_image.alt}}">
            <div class="partbot-cross-sell-product-title">{{csp.title}}</div>
    {% endfor %}
{%- endif -%}
Customise and style this output to match your website theme. All Shopify product fields are accessible on csp.
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