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Adding the Fulfilment Service Module

Learn how to add P4CKD by Partbot to your online store

Once you’ve successfully installed Partbot on your Shopify store, you’ll want to add our Fulfilment Service Module to enable inventory syncing and dropshipping capabilities.

  1. After connecting your online store to Partbot, click on the Modules button.
Notion image
  1. Add the Fulfilment Service module. This will add Partbot as a fulfilment service provider to your connected Shopify store.
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  1. Once the Fulfilment Service module successfully installs, click the Settings button to add your Distributor Account details.
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  1. If you have a direct account with our distributor, enter the Account Code they provided to you and the email address you want to receive Partbot fulfilment updates delivered to.
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  1. Click Save. You’re all set!
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