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Adding the Shipping Rates Module to Shopify

A How-to guide on adding the Shipping Rates Module to your Shopify store and configuring shipping settings.

To provide your customers with real-time, calculated carrier rates for Partbot-fulfilled products at checkout, you can now add our Shipping Rates module to your Shopify store.

Follow this guide to add the module and set up your Shipping zones in Shopify.

The Shipping Rates module is only available on Shopify Advanced plans or stores with live carrier rates enabled.

Add the Shipping Rates module to your Shopify store

  1. Go to the Stores section in Partbot Marketplace and click the Modules button on your connected store.
  1. On the Shipping Rates card, click Add Module. This will install Partbot as a carrier service on your Shopify store.
    1. Notion image
  1. The Shipping Rates card should display an Installed badge if successful.
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Change the Shipping Rate Description

By default, Partbot will display the calculated shipping rate as Priority Shipping 3-12 Business Days. You can change this to whatever you like in the Shipping Rates module settings.

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Configure the Shopify Shipping Zone

Once you’ve installed the Shipping Rates module, head to your Shopify store Admin > Settings > Shipping and delivery.


Under General Shipping Rates, click Manage.

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Under Not shipping from, you should see Partbot listed. Click Add rates.

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Select New rates for Partbot and click Done.

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Next, click Create shipping zone.

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Give your Shipping Zone a name, this can be whatever you like; we recommend labelling it Partbot Australia.

Search for Australia and select it from the list of countries. It should automatically select all States and Territories like so:

Notion image

Click Done.


Next, click Add rate.

Notion image

Then select Use carrier or app to calculate rates and ensure P4CKD by Partbot is displayed.

Select Automatically show new shipping services to customers when they become available and click Done.

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Click Save to apply these changes. You’ve now enabled real-time calculated shipping rates in your checkout for all Partbot-fulfilled products!


Calculated shipping rates from Partbot will be combined with any other shipping rules enabled on your store. If you need assistance with setting up Partbot Shipping Rates, please contact our support team.

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