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Products not available in Shopify Online Store
Products not available in Shopify Online Store

Learn how to ensure products are always published and available on your Online store and other Shopify sales channels.

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You may notice sometimes a product imported to your Shopify store from Partbot is showing as Active but it's not visible on your Online store or available on any of your sales channels.

Why does this happen?

A product managed by a brand or distributor can be unpublished for a number of reasons, when this happens we change the status of the product in Shopify to Archived. Sometimes, a brand or distributor will republish the product - it may have been a mistake originally, or they've decided to restock the product, again, a product could be republished for any number of reasons - when this happens we change the product status back to Active in Shopify, however, Partbot is unable to "republish" the product on your Online store or any specific sales channel.

How do I fix this?

The best way we've found to handle this situation is by configuring a Shopify Flow on your store.

First, ensure you've installed the free Shopify Flow app on your store then configure a new workflow like so:

You can skip the steps below and import our pre-made flow here. You'll need to edit and configure the last step to select your required sales channels.

  1. Create a Workflow and give it a descriptive title, like Republish Product to Sales Channels

  2. Click Select a trigger and search for and select Product status updated.

  3. Click the Then + button and select Condition from the popup.

  4. Click Add criteria in the side panel, then click Product, scroll down and select status.

  5. You'll see a new If condition block appear, leave Equal to and select ACTIVE from the available options in the other dropdown.

  6. Back in the Workflow editor, click the Then + button on the condition step and select Action from the popup.

  7. Search for and select Publish product.

  8. Click Select publications and select Online store and any other sales channels you require products to be available on.

  9. Finally, click Turn on workflow.

You can set and forget knowing this flow will keep all published Partbot products available on your online store and never miss a sale ๐Ÿ˜ฎโ€๐Ÿ’จ

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