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How to Reconnect Shopify Products to Partbot.

Link products to Partbot listings after reinstalling the Shopify app.

If you uninstalled Partbot from your Shopify store and decided to reinstall the app (firstly, welcome back 🥳) you can link any previously synced products to Partbot to re-establish a data connection. This is important if you want to resume fulfilment requests for those products.


How to re-sync your existing Products

  1. After you’ve reinstalled and selected a subscription plan, head to the Products page in the Partbot Marketplace.
  1. Click the Sync All button to initiate a product sync from your store to Partbot.
  1. That’s it.

This will use the Partbot metafields that were added to your products when you originally imported them to your store.

When the sync is complete, if the link was successful you should now see your Shopify products using Partbot as the inventory location again.

Notion image

If your products are not using Partbot as the inventory location, try changing the location to Partbot and saving the product, this will fetch new data, inventory and pricing.

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