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Synced Listings are not appearing on my website.

What to do if your synced Partbot listings are not showing on your Shopify store.

If Partbot listings are not appearing on your Shopify website, it could be caused by one of these issues.


Shopify Product status is set to Draft

This can occur when a manufacturer has unpublished the product in their catalogue, or your Partbot settings are set to hide products when out of stock or discontinued.

Check if the listing still exists in the Partbot Marketplace and your notifications for recently changed product statuses.

If you want the product to still appear on your website, you can change the status to Published in Shopify.


Shopify Product is not available on any Sales Channels

This can occur if a product was unpublished by the manufacturer and republished at a later date; in some cases, this disconnects the Shopify listing from all sales channels and you’ll need to re-enable them on the Product editor in Shopify (located under Product Status - click Manage Sales Channels & Apps).


You may need to upgrade your Subscription Plan

Lastly, check your current subscription plan and usage limits; you may be trying to import more products than your current plan allows. This can be found and changed on the Billing page in Partbot Marketplace.

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