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Maropost (Neto)
Updated over a week ago

Connecting Partbot to your Maropost store is super easy! You can follow these steps to get set up.

  • Visit the Stores page in the Partbot Marketplace

  • Click Connect New Store

  • Select Maropost from the list of Ecommerce Platforms

  • Enter your Maropost store URL (excluding https:// and any trailing paths or query parameters) in the input and your Maropost API Key and click Connect

    • You can find your Maropost API Key by clicking on Settings & ToolsAll Settings & Tools and then searching for “API” API Settings

Caution: Regenerating your Maropost API key will cause the Partbot integration to stop working. If you’ve changed your API key after linking Partbot, please contact our support team.

You will then be redirected to the Stores page, where you should see your connected Maropost website. You can now start adding products to your Import List and start syncing!


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